We have experience in developing business processes that work for fortune 500 companies and small businesses. Additionally, we possess the technical expertise to help you get noticed online.


$50.00 per hour or by contract for consultation, process development, and tool setup.

Process Consultation

Many businesses have difficulty with organization, which going unnoticed inevitability affects a companies bottom line as well as stress levels within the organization. Important tasks may fall off of the radar, or fall through the cracks leaving someone responsible to cleanup a mess. Most companies have many moving parts, where relying on the rote memorization of personnel is no longer an effective practice. There are many software as a service (SaaS) tools available to help remedy such issues.

Microsoft Office 365 is cloud based software with locally installable components, and is economical for many of our clients. Most organizations may find that one of the Office 365 bundles has everything needed for their organization to run smoothly for as little as five dollars per month per user subscription. If for any reason Office 365 will not work for your organization, there are many other tools available including open source software without subscription fees. One down-side to open source software is that it generally needs to be served, which is an additional cost for organizations not already having access to a server.

One key benefit of using Office 365 is that data storage, email, schedules, daily planners, and other business tools are tightly integrated.

We have the tools and abilities to help you:

  • Setup and manage your secure web server (no charge for SSL)
  • Register domains
  • Create your websites with optimizations for Google’s search engine
  • Setup Microsoft Office 365
  • Update the DNS records for your domains that will allow you to use email addresses for your domains through Microsoft Office 365, for example “”
  • Train your staff to use available Microsoft Office 365
  • Use tools available in Office 365 to help you develop business processes that will help organize your activities and streamline your business